When it comes to your cardiac health, you can’t be too careful. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for adult men and women in the United States, making it extremely important to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy weight. It’s also helpful to visit a preventative cardiology specialist to find out if you have an increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack and other heart problems.

Founded by Dr. Alberto Morales, South Tampa Cardiology has some of the most advanced technology in the region, giving patients peace of mind as they work to prevent heart disease and reduce their risk of serious health complications. This technology includes a single-beat CT scanner, which assesses cardiac function in just one heartbeat, making it easier than ever to diagnose and manage cardiac conditions.

Introducing the CardioGraphe CT Scanner

The CardioGraphe CT scanner is an advanced piece of equipment that needs just one heartbeat to produce stunningly clear 3-D images of the heart, aorta, pulmonary veins and other great vessels. With the CardioGraphe CT, it takes just 15 minutes to perform a computerized tomography angiogram (CTA), a noninvasive procedure that helps detect coronary artery disease as early as possible.

A traditional (non-CT) angiogram is much more invasive, as it requires an interventional radiologist to thread a catheter through the arm or the groin and into the coronary arteries. Since the CTA is noninvasive, there’s no down time, making it much easier for patients to monitor their cardiac heart health. You can even return to work or carry on with your normal activities right after a CTA.

Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound Technology

South Tampa Cardiology also has the EPIQ 7 system, an advanced piece of cardiac ultrasound equipment. The EPIQ 7 has more processing power than traditional ultrasound machines, so it produces clearer images and reduces the amount of time it takes to complete each scan. Cardiac ultrasound makes it possible to see the four chambers of the heart, along with blood vessels, heart valves and the membrane that holds the heart in place (the pericardium).

Experienced Cardiac Care

Dr. Morales, one of Tampa Magazine’s Top Doctors, uses state-of-the-art technology to help patients with heart disease before they experience serious complications. His focus on preventative cardiology allows him to diagnose conditions that are often undetectable during routine screenings, giving patients access to early treatment and improved quality of life. Dr. Morales opened his practice to ensure that everyone in the area has access to high-quality cardiac care and it’s his mission to administer it.

If you have questions about your heart health, call (813) 870-1747 to schedule an appointment. In addition to the CardioGraphe CT Scanner, South Tampa Cardiology also offers stress testing, nuclear cardiology services, vascular ultrasound, cardiac arrhythmia management and cardiac MRI.